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Violet Crumble

Case Study


In January 2018, it was announced that iconic Australian snack bar, Violet Crumble had been acquired from Nestle by South Australian confectioner, Robern Menz. The company received significant media exposure across Australia and globally. Only 10 months later, Robern Menz was about to start producing the chocolate bar for the first time in South Australia and wished to generate excitement through media across the country once again.


SOCIETY worked closely with Robern Menz to develop new talking points, messaging and visual opportunities that would gain media interest throughout Australia. The media approach included:

  • Offering an exclusive story to breakfast TV
  • Followed by a local media event in South Australia a few hours later
  • Supported by wide syndication of a media release and pre- shot photography to media across the country


SOCIETY was successful in securing an exclusive with Channel 7’s Sunrise on the same morning a local media call was being held. The media call in Adelaide was attended by all local TV channels and the major metropolitan newspaper, The Advertiser.

The exclusive, media event and distribution of the media release achieved in excess of 30* pieces of media coverage including syndication nationally by Channel 7, and Daily Mail Australia. The announcement also generated a significant amount of social media coverage on Facebook and Twitter through media outlets’ social accounts.

*As the client did not have a media monitoring service established or wish to fund this, SOCIETY was unable to track all broadcast and print coverage accurately

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