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Transitions Style Academy

Case Study


Global lens manufacturer, Essilor, asked SOCIETY to help them increase engagement with the Transitions lenses brand amongst dispensers and optometrists to support recommendations to younger glasses wearers; and challenge the perception that photochromic lenses are only for older people.


SOCIETY created an integrated education and awareness campaign to engage dispensers and optometrists and help them to tell the Transitions story to their younger patients. SOCIETY fully established the Transitions Style Academy program which included;

  • Engagement and leverage of young and stylish social media brand ambassadors
  • Educational events featuring marketing experts and social media brand ambassadors
  • Specialised educational and sales material for optical practices housed in a microsite
  • Sales tool-kit, social media assets and how-to selling guides
  • New in store point of sale items including wobblers, counter cards and a look-book
  • Incentives for the trade audience to engage in the program and recommend Transitions in store
  • Communications support to promote the program across social media and industry press


The first Transitions Style Academy campaign successfully engaged optometrists and dispensers and made them more confident and likely to recommend Transitions products in store.

  • Five education events were attended by over 150 optometrists and dispensers and trade media
  • 300 optometrists and dispensers accessed the sales tool-kit
  • More than 839,000 impressions were generated from social and online content
  • 957 optical practices were communicated to throughout the campaign
  • 79 assets were produced that will support the Transitions Style Academy to continue into the future

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